Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pauline v Cardiff Council in the High Court

Full legal hearing to quash Cardiff's approval of the Viridor incinerator as unlawful - and stop the construction - opens on Tuesday 17 December in the Cardiff High Court.
Leading environmental lawyers, Richard Buxton, are representing CATI member, Pauline Ellaway.  In the first stage High Court verdict on 1st October, Judge Curran was appalled at the Council's catalogue of errors.  Do come along and encourage the full hearing for orders on the Council.  Do drop in on the Court hearings for an hours or two, during 10am-4pm on the two days 17-18 December.

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Dave 07504 323422 or via
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  1. Another reason for the High Court action is the Council's inadequate public consultation - maladministration causing injustice, found the Ombudsman - they hardly informed nearby businesses and new housing complexes in Cardiff Bay and steamrollered environmental objections over the toxic ash and ignoring the risks of flooding. They failed to follow their own policy on Health Impact Assessment. The High Court will decide on legal-technical points only, but hopefully will give Cardiff Council a kicking over ignoring public opposition and riding roughshod over legal planning procedures.