Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Labour wont support Pauline in Splott against the Incinerator

Two Candidates support CATI against the Incinerator
Splott By-election.  
Only UKIP and TUSC candidates - Brian Morris and Katrine Williams  - are concerned to oppose the Viridor waste Incinerator, bringing wastes from over S-E Wales to burn in our city.  
 The Lib-Dems started the project and Labour continued it with Tory support; all want to give Viridor a long-term contract to burn the city's waste, despite the toxic fumes, waste lorries trucking through the city and huge tonnages of incinerator ash with toxic dust.  Apart from Neil McEvoy for Plaid, Cardiff politicians rubber-stamped a Viridor contract of several £100 millions for 25-years.  Extraordinary irresponsibility with Council funds, and in contracting for tonnages far higher than expected to be produced in future years. Result of brown envelopes or blind party-voting?  

CATI hasnt heard anything from  the labour candidate who works for a Islwyn Labour AM Gwyn Price. As soon as Labour got into office they voted to privatise residual waste Prosiect Gwyrdd - without any scrutiny, locking Cardiff into payments for burning waste for the next 25 years in a PFI style contract. Labours Gretta Marshall, Luke Holland and Huw Thomas all failed to vote against it. Surprise! Russell Goodway is chair of the 5 council Prosiect Gwyrdd group. 

No support either from FibDem Jamie Matthews  or Tory Daniel Mason 
Nearby Bayside Estate resident Pauline Ellaway, supported by CATI, is taking Cardiff Council to the Cardiff High Court on 17-18 December.

IndependentElys John
ConservativeDaniel Mason
Lib DemsJamie Matthews
UKIPBrian Morris
LabourEdward Stubbs
TUSCKatrine Williams

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  1. Please approach your local Green Party in Cardiff through Sian Best here; The Green Party are stringently against any further establishment of incinerators in Wales.