Thursday, 12 December 2013

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do please spread invites to this event to your friends
Pauline v Cardiff Council in the High Court

And everyone - please inform your friends of our Days-in-Court, spearheaded by Splott's Pauline "Mrs Incinerator" with leading law firm Richard Buxton's.  Invite them to come and join us at the start on Tuesday 17th (9.30 for photo-shoot/TV) or drop in later  for an hour or so during Tuesday and Wednesday!
And wish us luck!  

letter to Echo
Goodway adds spice to our Case
Russell Goodway signed a £500million contract with Viridor just a week before the challenge in the High Court, with full judicial hearing opening on Tuesday 17th?  I guess Goodway rushed it because it’s likely the Court will judge Cardiff’s planning permission to be unlawful.
Acting quickly to avoid Court Orders is all too common in businesses operating on the margin.  But can Goodway escape so easily when subject to ‘malfeasance in public office’ and ‘due diligence’ tests?
This costly contract gives extra spice to the Court hearing -   give Pauline support and hear her legal team tearing into the Council and Viridor for building without permits!
The law must make big Councils treat mega-companies just like they do small firms who build without approved plans!

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