Prosiect Gwyrdd Incinerator, the consortium of South Wales councils seeking a waste contract for South Wales, has short-listed only incinerators for a 25-year contract to handle municipal solid waste from the area.

A bulletin circulated to selected stakeholders lists the following four companies as candidates for the multi-million-pound contract:

"Covanta Energy Ltd: Covanta Energy Ltd is proposing a merchant Energy from Waste(EfW) facility INCINERATOR located at Brig y Cwm, Merthyr Tydfil.
Veolia ES Aurora Ltd: Veolia ES Aurora Ltd is proposing an Energy Recovery Facility(ERF) INCINERATOR located at Bowlease Common, South of the existing Corus Llanwern Steelworks,
Viridor Waste Management Ltd: Viridor Waste Management Ltd is proposing a merchant
Energy from Waste (EfW) INCINERATOR with Combined Heat and Power facility located at Trident Park,
Waste Recycling Group Ltd: Waste Recycling Group Ltd is proposing an Energy from
Waste (EfW)
INCINERATOR facility located at the Solutia UK site in Traston Road, Newport."

Despite frequent claims of being "technology neutral", Prosiect Gwyrdd Incinerator, has declined to consider any bid other than incineration. More sustainable technologies such as anaerobic digestion, mechanical-biological treatment, or autoclaving are simply ignored despite the proven health risks of incineration and the atrocious carbon dioxide emissions associated with shipping incinerator output to Swindon, the only site available in Britain to take the approximately 90,000 tonnes a year of toxic ash produced by a proposed incinerator.

The locations of the incinerators are furthermore all in deprived areas, furthering the economic discrimination against the poor and working class endemic in Britain's waste management industry. No significant number of long-term jobs would be provided to these areas, while the health impact of emissions from the incinerator would continue to shorten life expectancy and damage public health.

Prosiect Gwyrdd Incinerator, has repeatedly promised to add Cardiff Against the Incinerator to the list of stakeholder organisations but still fails to do so; this bulletin was obtained through an unofficial but reliable channel.

Cardiff Against the Incinerator supports the zero-waste strategy articulated by campaigners such as Dr Paul Connett, who has spoken in Cardiff and Merthyr. While the Assembly calls for 70% recycling in Wales by 2025 and the Prosiect Gwyrdd partner councils "strive for" 65% by some unknown deadline, cities in Italy and Spain have achieved even higher recycling rates in the space of just a few years.

Even if incinerators made environmental sense, they still wouldn't make economic sense. Even if they made economic sense, they still wouldn't be necessary.
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