Thursday, 30 September 2010

Together we can stop the Cardiff Incinerator

Join Us!

What is the incinerator?

Viridor Waste Management, a firm with a decade-long record of criminal violations of environmental law, have applied for a permit to build and operate a waste incinerator in Trident Park, Cardiff, less than half a mile from homes, schools and a wildlife preserve. If
built, the incinerator would bring hundreds of lorries every day filled with rubbish through crowded residential streets and contaminate the surrounding air, soil and water with toxic chemicals. People living in Cardiff's working-class neighbourhoods would be put at
increased risk of cancer and birth defects in their children.

Who are we?

Cardiff Against the Incinerator has been founded as an independent, resident-led campaign against waste incineration in Cardiff and anywhere in Wales. It has the support of councillors, Assembly Members, political parties, trade unions and environmental
groups. We demand: no incinerators in Wales, democratic control of waste management, and sustainable solutions that put people ahead of profits.

How do we fight it?

We can't expect big business and stitched-up councils to look out for us. We have to organise ourselves and build up a mass movement so big that business and government can't ignore us. We've conducted demonstrations, huge public meetings, and now we're
preparing for our biggest event ever, a peaceful mass protest.

Why do we protest?

The Welsh Assembly Government have the power to call in the permit decision on the Cardiff incinerator and stop Viridor's plan once and for all. They'll do nothing unless we
apply pressure on them and make the media and the AMs take notice. A gathering of hundreds will remind the Assembly: they work for us! Make an appointment with your local
When and where are we protesting?

Gather at 10:30am for a 11am start on Tuesday, October 12th on the front steps of the Senedd, near the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay

Contact Cardiff Against the Incinerator on 07947 214169
or by e-mail at
for more information. Also sign the online petition at