Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cardiff Planning Shambles over Viridor Incinerator

On 13th Feb.  Cardiff Council planning committee considered over 6 months late a dozen applications to approve or reject Viridor's incinerator.  
Rob Griffiths, chair of CATI, said to the Planning Cttee:
“This is further evidence of what a complete shambles council  policy is. They have a Court action against them for failure to act over 6 months against Viridor's unlawful construction of an incinerator. The High Court legal action is to kick off in two weeks."
Cardiff Council will have to face up to the fact sooner or later that Viridor have been quite prepared to proceed without proper authority and contrary to planning regulations… and utter contempt for the views of local residents and businesses about the economic and health detriment.."

Adventurers Quay Management Company Limited and the 226 residents who live there.
wrote to County Hall expressing support for Cardiff Against the Incinerator.

All the applications were approved, if with some opposition.  Cllr Adrian Robson in particular tried to object on grounds of flood-risk, but he was bullied by officers who insisted he needed technical reasons.

A letter from Environmental & Public Law firm, Richard Buxton, was distributed to the Committee, warning them to expect High Court action.  A Councillor brushed this off, saying legal action would follow whatever they decided.  The Council legal officer wrongly dismissed Buxton's arguments as already addressed in their report, apparently unconcerned with professional accuracy.

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