Friday, 31 August 2012

Cardiff - One planet city?

WASTE Greenwash

One planet living document states 'We will be turning our waste into energy. Prosiect Gwyrdd will deal with over 40% of South Wales’ waste, turning waste which cannot be recycled or composted into both electricity for the national grid and heat, which can be used in district heating schemes'

False statment and Misleading information. No mention of the INCINERATOR word. Incineration turns waste into toxic ash and atmospheric pollutants (CO2, NOx, particulates and trace toxic metals, dioxins etc.). The approved Viridor incinerator is only 20-22% energy efficient, its heat will be wasted not used in district heating for which cardiff plans zilch.

P Gwyrdd is the most inefficient way to “deal with” municipal waste. Cardiff incontracting PG over 40% of its waste is abandoning policy to maximise recycling – accepted to be much better than incineration in resources, CO2 and ecological footprint.

Cardiff's contract to PG also disregards WG target to reduce waste to 2050 by 1.2% per person pa needed to meet the One Planet target. Cardiff's waste projections assume zero reduction in waste arisings per person, which by 2050 amounts to twice the WG's 'One Planet' waste.

The PGwyrdd Incinerator policy does not fit the 'One Planet' target for the city's municipal waste.

Abandon P Gwyrdd Incinerators

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