Friday, 8 October 2010

letter to Dr Sharon Hopkins

Dr Sharon Hopkins
Director of Public Health
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
Whitchurch Hospital
Park Road
Whitchurch                      phone  029 2074 7747   to ask for her e-mail
CF14 7XB

Dear Dr Hopkins,
The Environment Agency informs us that they are consulting you again over the public criticism of their  arguments that this incinerator would have no effects on health.  Their letter to you of 27 Sept.  draws attention to our evidence of scientific papers saying the contrary, which have been published over recent years, but refer you only to Porta et al.
We are surprised you are asked to reconsider just on the basis of the 27 Sept. letter, in view of our complex evidence submitted to the EA consultation.  We therefore seek an appointment with you to explain our points, covering
# ignored sources of pollution due to ash-particles and emissions during abnormal operations
# ignored POPs (persistent organic pollutants) from highly brominated compounds in modern wastes
# scientific papers that find cancers are related to past incinerators, presumed to be due to trace pollutants that are not controlled in modern incinerators.
# limited control of nanoparticles, probably the most harmful fraction of emissions to air
# Glos health  authorities admitting concern over  the fine particles escaping from the Bishop’s Cleeve landfill (where Viridor’s flyash etc. would be sent) “unsure if living near the site is harmful to public health, with several studies still investigating the matter” **.
We understand the LHB did not consult the public before sending in their response to the Environment Agency last year.   Will you ensure that the new Health Board does better?  Our meeting this week wished to meet  with you on Monday next, 11 October, seeing your need to respond quickly to the EA.   We would ask for some time on that day to meet  with yourself or a deputy and look forward to your reply.


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