Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Assembly protest over Splott Incinerator


splott incinerator protest
Protestors against the proposed Splott incinerator took to the steps of the Senedd today in a bid to prevent a permit being granted for the waste burner.
Members of the campaign group Cardiff Against the Incinerator gathered outside the building at 11 AM to put pressure on Assembly Government to call in the permit decision and halt the incinerator plan.
The decision to grant the permit lies with the Environment Agency and the outcome is expected to be announced at the end of October.
But protestors, who are concerned about health risks and increased traffic in the area, believe the Assembly Government could stop waste management company Viridor from building the incinerator.
Edmund Schluessel, secretary of the campaign group said the protest was designed to keep the pressure on those who were part of the decision making process.
He said: “We have to keep the pressure on. The campaign is gaining more and more support but the biggest problem is that so much of the decision making happens behind closed doors.
“The timing of today’s protest has not been ideal, but it was dictated by the Welsh Assembly Government and I’m glad so many people were able to come.
“Splott is one of the most deprived areas in Cardiff. This used to be a thriving community, but now we are taking in all of South Wales’ rubbish.”
The Welsh Assembly Government said they were unable to comment on individual permits, but a spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: “During our extensive consultation, we received many comments from people concerned about the potential health impact of the plant. We will only issue a permit to any site if we are satisfied that it will not damage the health of local people or the environment.”
What do you think about the potential for an incinerator in Splott? Do you live in the area? Let us know your views in the comments below

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