Friday, 19 October 2012

CATI Special Meeting/ Legal Action

CATI Special General Meeting
We have an offer of Community Legal Action to stop Viridor.
Viridor are breaking the law, building foundations for their incinerator.
Cardiff Council hesitates to take them on; so much for "robust enforcement"!

A top law firm will take the case on 
URGENT Special General Meeting - come and discuss the support we need!

legal advisor in attendance
in the Old Illts Club,  Splott Bridge  MONDAY 22 October @ 7.30pm

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  1. Resist VIRIDOR’s mega-Incinerator!!
    Black smoke plume over Cardiff
    … officially a 4-hour limit; yet it lasted for days

    Smoke plume came to ground, smelt by residents
    … officially it disperses high up, blows away

    Huge tonnage of ash and dust blown from stockpiles
    … officially no problem, they forgot to assess it

    No burning of wastes until all systems working
    … officially never said, so caution goes to the winds

    Refusal to limit tests to times winds blow out to sea

    Cardiff is already sending waste for burning, ignoring operation failures

    What a Start !! and doubtless to get worse !!
    Cardiff Council started in collusion with Viridor’s building without planning permit; is now blind to transgressions and lax in controls.

    Protest to local Cllrs – Gretta Marshall; Huw Thomas; Ed Stubbs what are they doing over Viridor, short-cutting all safeguards

    Complain to the officials responsible
    NRW Site officer Gwyn Jones 029 20 245395
    Pollution Control section, Cardiff Council on noise, fumes etc:
    029 20 872088
    Cllr Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet chief:
    CATI’s legal action to stop the Viridor incinerator comes to the High Court in December. Sorry the law is so slow!
    CATI, 58 Janet St., Splott, Cardiff CF24 2BE 029 20 190087 Oct.2014