Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Viridor leaves Splott people in the dark

Waste firm determined controversial new incinerator will go ahead

Edmund Schluessel, from the campaign group Cardiff Against the Incinerator, said that it was not surprising that the group should find out about the plans for the Splott plant through the press contacting them.
He said: “It’s further evidence of Viridor’s knowledge that this incinerator project is not needed, even the business case for it is being made obsolete due to rising recycling rates in South Wales by the emergence of better techniques.”
Mr Schluessel added: “We are continuing to work on every level to stop the incinerator in Cardiff and throughout South Wales.
“We are confident that through productive engagement in the up and coming council elections we will be able to do what is necessary to not only stop the incinerator but to ensure that there will not be another put forward.”

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